Calculator Lock Download For Android

 Calculator Lock Download For IOS and Android.

What is Calculator Lock?

Calculator Lock apk is a simple calculator but it contain many subtle features that you may need in a private locker.

Calculator Lock app  is completely cool with their complete service about users privacy.

Calculator Lock Features.

  • Phone gallery vault lock.
  • Your images, videos, notes, apps, and all of your Privacy lock.
  • Disguise on home screen as a calculator.
  • better organize hidden photos and videos in gallery vault lock.
  • Private image viewer and video player.
  • Private browser to visit sites private and safe.

Calculator Lock Download for android.

You can download this great application for android easily on the google play store by clicking on this link.

Calculator Lock download For IOS [Calculator#].

For iphone and the other apple products, there is a different app called Calculator #, this app is similar to Calculator Lock but for IOS.
You download Calculator# For IOS from this link. 

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