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As we know, Update is an important thing in any site or application to improve and Facilitate the user experience, and this what social media try to do every time they find a missing service in their apps.

This is what Facebook does with their products [Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram ...etc].

Who among Us uses Facebook messenger and don't use the video chat feature? of course no one, But did you before tried to help someone have a problem on their phone when using Messenger Video chat and you could not do it? I think you have faced it before ☺.

On the latest Update of the Facebook messenger app, a new feature was Added on the video chat, which is the Facebook Messenger Screen Share.
Screen-sharing on messenger was a beta version and now is available for all users in all countries around the world.

facebook's Messenger screen sharing option allows you to divide the screen between you and your friend or a group that you talk to him. You can easily share your screen with the others, at the same time your camera work normally and you can see the person when browsing the phone content. and to do that, just follow these steps:

Facebook messenger screen share android 

First, call him Xd ;).
When the messenger video call started, swipe Up and you will find a new button say "Things To Do Together", like this: 

Click on it, and you will see a new page says: 
"Messenger will start Capturing everything that is displayed on your screen."

Click on Start now, and your screen will be shared with the other person. [You Must Be On The Main Screen Of Your Phone].

"If you didn't found this feature when you call your friends, make sure that your app is up to date [Both of You]"

This new screen sharing feature on messenger aids you to share your screen via Messenger video calling. You can use it to share your screen with your Facebook contact.

Facebook messenger screen share ios

The Facebook messenger screen share is also available on iPhone [IOS], all you have to do is following the previous tips.
[Make sure that you messenger application is Updated]

Facebook messenger screen share desktop Version [Google Chrome]

Right now, Facebook doesn't have a screen share feature on Desktop [Windows], but maybe they add it in the future updates as an extension if they found users really need it.

Facebook messenger screen share chrome extension Facebook messenger screen share group facebook messenger screen share mobile features free Facebook Messenger Screen Share Mobile

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