How to find wifi password on android

How to find wifi password on android without root.

How to find wifi password on android

If you want to find a connected wifi password on an android device or computer and you don't know the efficacy way to access it, today and in this post, I will help you to find wi-fi password just for some clicks, with root and without.

So, if your laptop or PC are connected with a Wireless network, and you want to connect with your android devices but you don't know the Wifi password, there are some ways that help you to find it easily and quickly, and in this post, you will fix this issue.

How to find wifi password on Computer 

How to find wifi password on computer using command prompt (CMD)? [Without software].

Finding Wifi password on a computer using Cmd Commands is one of the helpful methods, through it, you can find all old wifi passwords that you connect with it before. and to do that just follow these tips:

  1. From "Start Menu", Open "RUN" option, Or you can press Windows Button + R on your keyboard.
  2. Type CMD and click OK To open the CMD command.
  3. Copy this command "netsh wlan show profiles" and past it there [Right Click with your Mouse and click Past]. Then Click Enter.
  4. A new Page Appear to you automatically and it contains all wi-fi networks that you use it before.
  5. Now to know the password that your wi-fi used, copy this code "netsh wlan show profile name=# key=clear" and change the # with the wifi Name, and click OK.
  6. Now, you will face a new page that gives you all wifi conf, and what we need is the Key Content and this is the wifi password.
  7. with your mouse, select it, and click Copy. that's it.
Read This Before you Go:

How to find wifi password on Computer Using Control Panel?

this is a simple way that helps you to find wifi password on computer [Windows 7, 8 and windows 10], just follow the step:

  1. First, open "WORKPLACE", then "Control Panel" and click on Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Tap on the Wifi Network that connected with your Computer.
  3. Click On Wireless Properties [settings], and select Security.
  4. After that, you will see all wifi information [Security Type(Wpa2, Wps ...) Encrypting Type ...etc].
  5. Click on show Characters, and you will see the network Security key file [Password].

How to find wifi password on android Without Root Tips & Tricks? [Router Method].

This method work with you if are connected with Wifi and you forget the password. [You can use this way with your android or iPhone smartphone + PC].

  1. First, you should check if you are internet is enable with the Wifi network that you need to know their password. [requires]
  2. Open any browser you want [Google chrome or safari for IOS apple].
  3. On the search box, type these numbers "168.192.l.l" and add your username and password, Habitly will be [Admin for both], then click Go.
  4. You will face the main page, and from the menu list, search for Network and select WLAN.
  5. Click on security, and you will find the saved wifi passwords on android and their name.

How to find wifi password on android with Root -  Wifi Password app [Root Needed].

To find wifi password from your android, you need first to download this application "Wifi Password".[Don't worry, it's free] This app needs root permission to work.

  1. after downloading and installing the app on your mobile. [Make sure to allow it to get Root Permisions].
  2. Click On Show Wifi Profiles to get all Wifi network's that you connected before, including used passwords.
  3. (This app is a wifi password viewer and has many other features and options that can help you.)
Link to download Wi-fi Password app For Free. [Google Play Store].

How to See WIFi Passwords on Android Using a Terminal Emulator [Termux app]?

If you Don't like the previous app, you can See WI-Fi Passwords on Android Using the Terminal Emulator, and to do that you need to follow these steps:

  1. on google playstore, search for Termux application, download, and install it on your android device.
  2. open termux and put this code in "$ pkg install termux-tools".
  3. after that, you want to add superuser permission [Root], and to do that enter this "$ su".
  4. Then, add this command "# cat /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf" and you will see network block.
  5. Search for "psk" and you will find the wifi networks pass word.

How to see wifi password without root?

If you want To show wifi password without root on android, you can't do that, because the problem is that the Wi-fi Passwords Storing Path on phone is like that folder:"data\misc\wifi".
and you can't view or reach it expect using a rooted mobiles, To protect operating system files.
But you can use the previous methods & tools if you can't root your mobile or you don't need it.

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