Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra Problems & disadvantages

Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra Problems & disadvantages

Before buying any new phone you need to know all the problems & disadvantages, and in this article, you will know all the MI 11 Ultra disadvantages for getting an idea if you really need to purchase the new Xiaomi MI 11 ultra or not.

Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra Problems

What is the problems of MI 11 ULTRA that you must to know? 

  • Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra does not support SD CARD memory at any port of any kind.
  • The front camera doesn't offer anything new compared to competing phones, and there are even many cheaper phones that have a better performance in the field of the selfie camera.
  • The phone does not support a separate headphone input jack 3.55mm.
  • MI 11 ultra doesn't support FM radio.

Is Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra a Great Choice?

Yes, if want an integrated flagship mobile, with support for 5G networks, and a powerful processor that delivers the best performance if you are a gamer.

Also, If you are a photographer and you need a fantastic camera [Photos & Video] mi 11 ultra is the best choice.

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 Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra disadvantages & Problems xiaomi mi 11 ultra problems Xiaomi MI 11 Ultra Problem & disadvantages

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