3 Apps May Help You [Andoird]

applications you must download it on your android phone.

NetX app

NetX app is a simple  tool for analyzing the network and full controling, through which you can also know all devices connected to the same network that you are connected to, the location of the router that you are connected to and who is connected to it with you with detailed information about each connected device. There is others Features on Netx you will know it when you Download the NETX application for your android phone.

Download NetX app Here.

Voice To Txt App

Are you looking for an application that converts speech into written text for Android, if the answer is yes, then you are here in the right place, where we will give you the best app responsible for converting voice to text for Android phones.

Voice to Text app is an application that can convert voice into written text without any effort, by pressing the voice recording tool and start speaking, the application automatically reads your voice and converts it into written text.

Voice To Text App here

Wifi Mouse application.

Turn your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard, desktop and trackpad with WiFi Mouse app. It enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through the local network connection. You can relax on the sofa and control movie playback in the comfort of your home.

Download Wifi Mouse App here.
Download WIfi Mouse For Your PC.


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