Best apps for editing videos

The Best Apps For Editing Videos On Android [2020 - 2021]

Best apps for editing videos

Editing Videos on android has become one of the essential things that people want to learn right now. As we know, real editing must be on the computer. But the major editors right now don't need professional editing, just they need crop, adding photos & Sound, Filters, and some other Features ....etc.

So today I will give you the best Apps for editing videos on android 2020, these applications are excellent and with all features (Not the free version).

Viva Cut App - [Pro Videos Editor App]

Vica Cut Application Features

  • With Viva Cut app Editor, You can edit images and video in one application.
  • You can create a video just with photos.
  • Switching image position, Rotate, and Zoom IN and OUT.
  • You can Split and crop the videos where you want and add transitions to them (There are more transitions on this version)
  • Also, you can add a Text, Sound FX, stickers, Sounds just with a few clicks.
  • You will not find a watermark when you save or share the video your edit.
  • And More Features you will find it on the app (Viva cut pro video editor).

[this is not a free version that doesn't have all features, you can find all that you need on it, just injoy]

Viva Cut App Download For Android 

Kinemaster app For android without a watermark and with all features.

With the kine master app, you can create or edit an existing video on your phone just with a few clicks. and professionally.

Features of Kinemaster editor video app.

  • there is a ready aspect ratio for your product (for YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok videos ).
  • You will find on kine master editor free layout that help you when you edit your video, and you can add to your clip images, effect, overlay, text, and handwriting.
  • you can record audio from the app and add it to the project.
  • also, you may want music assets, SFX assets, and songs without copyright, you will find it in the kinemaster app.
  • Sharing the video on social media and save it directly on your phone without a watermark.

inshot app - A professional video editor for android with all features [Pro version].

Inshot is a famous app for creating and editing videos on a smartphone, but the free version is imperfect, so the version that you will find below is a full version and with all the features and without a watermark.

In shot app features for android.

  • You can easily create, edit, and save the video directly to your smart phone.
  • In shot gives you many choices to choose the right frame that you want to create your video for it, for example [Tik tok video size, Youtube Size, Instagram and more platform]
  • the great feature that I love on the inshot app is the "freeze", this feature helps you to freeze any part of the video.
  • flip, rotate and duplicate any part.
  • Adding an image to the background.
  • changing the speed, the volume, and the duration of the video.
  • Saving and sharing the video without a watermark.

Inshot App Download For Android 

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