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Youtube vanced download apk for android, features and more .. 

youtube vanced apk

 What is Youtube Vanced App?

Youtube Vanced is and Moded app for the official youtube application, but the creator adds some great advanced features that help to increase the user experience.

As we know, youtube is an application that allows you to watch and upload videos to followers, this app is available for Android and IOS users but it still has some unavailable features. and this is why Youtube vanced is come for.

Youtube Vanced Apk has many features that surely amazed you and you will find it right below.

Youtube Vanced Apk features.

Removing Youtube Ads on Android.  

Surely, you faced some annoying ads on youtube when you watched a video, and this makes you miserable.

you may know that there is an option that googles offered for users to browse youtube without ads, which is the Youtube Premium, but this is a paid option and many users can't pay for it.

this is way Youtube Vanced for android is available.

Play Youtube videos on background For android.

This is the great thing about the youtube vanced app, as we know you can't play videos on the background on the official app of youtube, but with vanced, you can do that and you can browse and open other apps like Facebook, Instagram ...etc when you can, for example, listening music from Youtube Vanced.

Lock screen when you Play youtube videos.

like me, when I come to sleep, I'd like to hear some stories. but the light of my phone screen worries me, but with Vanced you can easily turn the screen off and listening to what you want.

Download Youtube Vanced App For android.

Youtube Vanced is unavailable on the Google Play Store and the Apps store, but you can download it here.

Youtube vanced ios is not available right now, but you can download youtube ++ For IOS.

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