YouTube Kids App is Available now on Android & IOS

What is Youtube Kids Application?

Finally Youtube company has Create a youtube Application for kids, this app made just for children (-13ans) and its name is 'YouTube Kids'.

Youtube Kids app will give children more contained environement that makes youtube more simpler and more fun to explore on their own.

Also this app will easier for parents and caregivers to guide their journey as they discover new and zxciting interests along the way, & give to kids a safer experience on youtube.

The greate thing on this YouTube kids is the 'Preschool' Mode, This mode promote creativity, exploration, playfulness and learning.

The second mode is the "Younger" and its allows children aged 5 to 7 exploring their interests in a varuety of categories including "Songs, Crafts, cartoons and more".

Finally the "Older Mode", and it will gives your chidren aged +8 Years the chance to search and explore additional content such as the "Music, Gmainng Videos and more ...".

Youtube Kids app Features.

  • From its name you will know that its made only for a Kid.
  • Safe And controled.
  • The Posibility to customise the experience of your child's with Parental controls.
  • Creating UP to Eight Profiles for different chid's. (Each one own their preferences, recommendations and settings)
  • Diffrent Mode are available on youtube kids such as "Preschool, Younger, and Older".

Youtube Kids app download.

To download youtube kids you need to visit this link (Google Play). 


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