how to check if your phone is real or fake

how to check if your phone is fake or original?

Check if your phone is real or fake with EMEI code

Type the following code: * # 06 # (you type first * then #, then 0, 6 and finally #) on your mobile phone, immediately after entering the last code of the code (#), the EMEI of your device will appear, which is a serial number consisting of 15 A number.

You write these numbers on this website If the site knows your smartphone and it give your all the information about the phone, this means that it is original and not refurbished, and you should make sure that this number is the same written on the sticker behind the battery.

Check if your phone is real or fake with CPU-Z

You need to download the "CPU-Z" app from here (Google Play), then install it and open it.

when you run CPU Z application you will faced an interface that give you all information about your phone (phone type, battery detailes, camera, ram, and manufacturer).

What we need from these info is the "Manufacturer",; if you find in the line “Manufacturer” is "unknown" instead of the name of the manufacturer, this is only evidence that the phone is not original! 

for example is you have a Redmi note 8 pro you will find on it "Xioami" not "Unknown".


Download CPU-Z application here.

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