Do you search for a way to poke on Facebook 2020? Okay you're on the right blog.

What is Poke on Facebook?

facebook poke 2020

Facebook describe "Poke" as a tool to Draw attention, A poke on facebook is similar for saying Hello to someone.
When you Poke a friend on facebook they will get a notification saying that "You" poke them, that's it.
If he like to poke you again they can do that easily and directly from the notification and this can help you understanding that he/she want to talk to you.

Can You Still POKE on Facebook 2020?

The answer is Yes you can poke friends on the new facebook update "2020".
All that you have to do is reading the Steps below.

How to poke on Facebook 2020?

  1. Open your facebook application on your phone. 
  2. Click on the three line right below - 
  3. Now go to the facebook help center and on the search box search for "poke" 
  4. Now select the first Question "How do I poke someone on facebook".  
  5. After that you will see a short paragraph and you will find "pokes page", click on it. 
  6. Now you will be redirected to the "Poke page" and you will find all friends that poke you. 
  7. You can Repoke them or add a friend name on the search and Poke them directly. 

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