A number of press sources indicated that the Netflix live broadcasting platform began testing a new feature on its platform, and currently this feature is only available for a small number of users, as they have posted some pictures on their accounts on social networking sites.

The new feature is for random reading of the content, which is a new button, and this new button appears as we have indicated for a number of users experimentally in the main interface of the Netflix platform and also after logging into the user's account on the platform, and a Netflix spokesperson said to a number of The media reported that the platform has started testing the new feature since last July.

The sources also indicate that the new feature is available to a number of users, but only through smart TV platforms, and the random reading feature allows users to access the content they want to view, and the idea of the new feature is based on movies or series similar to what was seen by the user or by The same type he prefers in addition to the content placed by him in the "My List" corner.

The new feature is expected to be rolled out gradually to all users.

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