With the tendency of many companies to invite their employees to work from home, relying on work management applications and services and electronic conversations has become a necessity, which was clearly evident with the increase in the number of users of these services during the month of March.

Microsoft and on its side its Microsoft Teams services openings for free until the end of the year so that everyone can rely on them, from individuals and small companies through to educational institutions and even major companies, so let us, in the following lines, review with you how to download and run Microsoft Teams?

Who can use Microsoft Teams?

Currently there are two versions of Microsoft Teams, one free and the other paid. Both versions are intended for companies or educational institutions, but Microsoft will release a version for individuals in the coming months.

Microsoft made a new version with many of the features of the paid version free of charge until January 2021, after this date, you will either return to the free version or subscribe to one of the Office packages.

Students who have a university account that supports Office services can enjoy Microsoft Teams services for free through their university mail, provided they obtain the necessary powers from the university administrator. 

How do you subscribe to Microsoft Teams?


If you are a corporate or enterprise admin or small business owner, follow these lines to set up Microsoft Teams for your company for the first time.
If you are a worker or student at an organization that relies on Microsoft Teams, skip the following lines and go directly to How to Download Microsoft Teams.

 Select the type of service (free / paid)

To subscribe to the free version of Microsoft's service, you must have an email from one of the Microsoft services, such as Outlook / Hotmail / Live, etc., or an account for an organization or company, and have the authority to manage this mail.

If you want to enjoy all the features of Microsoft Teams paid, you must subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis to one of the Microsoft Office corporate packages, which you can access via the following link: Office Business Subscriptions, then go directly to How to Download Microsoft Teams.

Subscribers to Office for individuals packages or packages that do not contain Microsoft Teams can try the service free for one year.

3 Subscribe for the free service

-Head over to Microsoft Teams and click Sign In or Sign In.

-Sign in with your Microsoft account information.

-A window will appear after logging in, asking you to either continue via the browser or by downloading the application. We will complete the steps via the browser.

-Another window will appear informing you that you are not subscribed to Microsoft Teams, ignore the matter because it makes sense, then press Sign Up to subscribe.

-Microsoft will send an email to your account in order to activate the service. Mail may take hours to arrive.

Subscribe to a paid service

As mentioned, you must be a subscriber of one of the Office services that include Teams services to obtain this copy of the service. If you are already a subscriber, head to Office.com and sign in.

After logging in, the services available to you will appear in the form of icons at the top of the screen. Click All Apps to find Microsoft Teams.

Click on the icon, then follow the same previous steps to activate the service.

How do you download Microsoft Teams?

For the computer version, go to the following link: Microsoft Teams

For Android phones, via the following link: Microsoft Teams For Android

For iOS phones via the following link: Microsoft Teams For iOS

If you want to go to the web version, head to the following link: Microsoft Teams Web Versios


  • The web version is not reliable for video or audio calls and one of the other three copies is required to be downloaded.
  • Some PC version tools are not yet available on the smartphone version.
How do you run Microsoft Teams?

 After downloading the computer version of the Microsoft service, install it via the file that you downloaded. After completing the installation, you will see an icon for the application on the desktop. Open the app and then log in with your login details to begin your journey.

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