Google, after months of continuous leaks, launched its own tool to send and receive files Nearby Share to allow all Android phone users, starting with Android 6, one of the important features that they have been missing over the past years. Google, with announcing the availability of the new feature, announced that it will be available first for Google Pixel phones and some Samsung phones, on the condition that users do it from Google's settings on their phones.

Today, we are reviewing with you how to activate the Nearby Share feature to send and receive files, photos and any type of data between Android phones.

How does Nearby Share do super fast file sharing between Android phones?


1-Head over to your phone's settings

2- Go to Google Account Settings

3- choose Device Connections

4-  Click Nearby Sharing
Note: In case you don't see Nearby Sharing, make sure your phone has the latest version of Google Play Services. If your phone has the latest version, then this means that the new feature has not reached your phone yet, and you have to wait a while.

5- Activate the new feature

When you click on Nearby Sharing for the first time, a Settings window will appear inviting you to activate the feature. Click on Turn On to complete the activation.

6- Control settings

It gives Google control over some of the Nearby Share settings such as the appearance of the phone to surrounding devices, the use of cellular data to send files and the username.

When it comes to cellular data usage, you can choose to either rely on it or rely solely on WIFI.

The appearance of the phone to other devices can be determined by identifying other phones via phone numbers or accounts registered in the contacts.

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