If you want to display any commodity on the Internet for sale, do not forget that Facebook provides you with this feature, which you can deal with quickly by reading this quick guide!

But more important than displaying your item is that you remember that giving all the correct information increases the chances of your ad being publicized more widely in order for your item to receive a buyer, so remember to do this before you feel your ad!

Through the "Marketplace feature":

1-Open the Facebook application ,then click on the store sign at the top.

2-Click Sell or Sell to start creating your ad.

3-Choose the commodity type from the following types.

4-Enter the relevant information, which consists of the name, pictures and the like, from important information to the buyer.

5-Select the product category you are viewing, then click Next in the top right.

6-Choose the groups in which you may want to display your item as well, so that you do not limit it to the app store only.

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