The social networking site Facebook presented its new design for the interface of its web platform at the beginning of last year, and since that date and over the past weeks, the majority of users have obtained the new design.

And although Facebook started weeks ago, as we indicated in the popularization of its new interface design, users can still take a step backward by returning to the old design, but it seems that Facebook just wants users to get used to it, because it wants to keep the design One is the new design of course.

And Facebook began sending notifications to users who receive the new design, informing them that it wants their opinion on this design and whether they want to express any changes in this design, as the notice says, "The classic Facebook experience will be gradually ended in September, but before Facebook.com's new interface becomes the default, we want to learn more about the improvements we can make. ”

Therefore, a return to the classic version of the main interface design will not be possible after September.

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