Some time ago Facebook began its plan to integrate a number of its different platforms (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp) in order to provide a distinctive experience for users, and it has already started by integrating conversations in both its chatting and instant messaging application Facebook Messenger And its application for photos and short videos Instagram.

And Facebook has already started implementing this new scheme, as we have indicated, gradually and experimentally, as a number of users indicated during the end of last week that they began accessing the Instagram application with a new update notification confirming the ability to communicate with Facebook Messenger friends directly through the Instagram application .

According to what appears from the images, after the user accepts the new update, the private messages icon in Instagram will change to the Facebook Messenger icon, which enables communication through this application without the user leaving the Instagram application, and as we indicated, it is a matter of gradually employing this feature for all Users.

The notice that some users have begun to reach outlines the four points of this update, and this notice summarizes them in: "New colorful appearance for your chats, interact with any emoji, swipe to respond to messages and most importantly chat with your friends who use Facebook."

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