Xbox Games Showcase: Official Avowed Game Disclosure

Obsidian Entertainment is sure to be working on itself a lot itself, as well as announcing expansions to the outside world at the Xbox Games Showcase event and talking about the newly released survival game Grounded, they also announced the next big RPG game that they previously announced they are working on.

This game is Avowed, the first role-playing game to be placed in the fictional world of Eora, and the title is supplemented with swords, magic, monsters, and everything else you would expect from such genre games. In an imaginary world which is Eora, is it a coincidence or is Avowed set in the same universe? There is no confirmation about this.

This game looks like Obsidian's answer to The Elder Scrolls, and with the financial support from Microsoft behind it may offer a game that can compete for this throne, the game's trailer is very short and doesn't show much but it sets the game's tone well enough I look at above.

The Avowed game is created from the ground up for Xbox Series X, and will also be released for PCs, the release date has not been announced yet, but this will likely take some time.

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