New Map, New Places, and New Loot on Livik Map in Pubg Mobile Game. 

livik map Pubg Mobile

what is livik map in Pubg Mobile?

The Pubg mobile official site announced in late June a new map named LIVIK, this map was teased on the official website.
Livik map is live now in the game [July 5] which comes with the new PUBG Mobile update [0.19.0].

Pubg Livik Map Size.

livik map Pubg Mobile

The new Livik map it is much smaller than all other PUBG maps [vikendi,Erangel, Miramar sanhok...etc], and according to The official Pubg mobile website, it has 2km*2km, and it will contain 52 players at the maximum per match, which wrap up around 15minutes.

Pubg livik map details.

  • Pubg Livik Map aimed gamers who have very little time on their hands
  • Livik is the smallest map in Pubg Mobile Game, measuring two kilometers by two kilometers [2km*2km]. 
  • The new map livik supports 50 players currently in the beta version of PUBG Mobile.
  • the max Match time is around 15 minutes.
  • New vehicles will be there, such as a Monster Truck.
  • Exclusive weapons including the close combat weapon [SMG P 90].

livik map release date. 

as we said, Livik map is live now in pubg mobile in the beta version, but soon you play on it officially in the new PUBG Mobile update [0.19.0].

livik map gameplay.

Livik is  a Nordic map, which comes with snowy mountains, green lands, and bright blossoms.

livik map Pubg Mobile

livik map in Pubg Mobile 

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