Tik Tok continues to grow continuously in the video field, and Tik Tok knows that content makers are the backbone of the app activity, so the developer announced that they are allocating a huge amount to them to further develop their content.

And Tik Tok recently announced huge funding for content makers, this funding reaches up to $ 200 million, while the developer says that this funding may increase over time, and the company says that this funding will be directed to content makers in order to let them produce short videos that are Broadcast via the platform.

But Tik Tok also announced the conditions that must be met by content makers in order to benefit from this funding, and among these conditions that must be met is for the content maker to reach 18 years of age and above, in addition to respecting all laws related to the platform and identical With the videos posted, his account has more important followers.

And Tik Tok is facing a number of difficulties in the recent period, perhaps the most important being withheld in the Indian market, which is one of the most important global markets for the Chinese application, in addition to restricting this application on American soil.

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