Spotify keeps pausing on Android, IOS, and desktop, what should I do to fix this issue?

spotify keeps pausing

Spotify Is one of the popular music streaming apps in the world, As of the At the beginning of this year [2020], Spotify had 130M premium subscribers worldwide, and up from 100M in the corresponding quarter of 2019. Spotify subscribers base has grown quickly in the last few years and has more than doubled since early 2017.

But some Spotify users faced a problem on the Spotify app when they listening to music on their phones.

Does Spotify app keep pausing when you run it on the background of your phone?.
Bellow, you will find the causes and how to fix this problem, just keep reading. 

Causes why Spotify keeps pausing On Android.

1- Multiple uses of the account.

 First, be sure that you are the only person who uses your account, because if someone else logged on your account, Spotify will Stop playing automatically.

How to Know Spotify Login Details?

Open your Spotify application and go to your account settings, select overview, and scroll down to find a sign out everywhere Box.
If you found someone you don't know, you can easily click on Signout everywhere, and all of the accounts, including the web, mobile, desktop, or any other devices will be signed out. 

2- Spotify keeps pausing On Old Phones.

If you have an old phone and it has just one or two GB ram, this may be the cause of the stopping automatically when you run Spotify on the background.
Because the necessary apps on your phone need probably 1GB Ram to make the phone work, and this is the main reason why Spotify stops automatically on your phone.
[Make sure to delete the running applications in the background].

Spotify keeps pausing: Saver Mode is on.

Another reason that it causes Spotify pausing on android and it's the battery saving mode.
 Sometimes you activate the saver mode on your android phone and forget to disable it.

If battery saver mode is on, try turning it off.
Also, try excluding Spotify from android's doze:

  • Open the phone Settings.
  • search for Battery and click on it.
  • Scroll down to find  “Battery optimization.”
  • Scroll down to Spotify - tap it and select "Don't Optimize"
If you are running a third party battery saver or memory cleaner, add an exclusion for the Spotify app.

Spotify keeps pausing: app & desktop version does not update.

as we know, the update is one of the essential things, and you may face some problems if you don't update any applications you use on your phone.
So, check if your Spotify app is updated on the google play store or check your browser if it updates also [chrome, Mozilla, etc..].

Causes why Spotify keeps pausing On iPhone [IOS].

If you have an iPhone and you face the same problem, just follow the previous steps and it may help you.

But if you chose a very high music quality on Spotify, you need just select automatic and it could switch sound quality based on the strength of the signal, and this may fix your problem.

If you found a solution, please leave a comment below ♥.

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