A report revealed that Sony has increased the required amount of the new PlayStation 5 game console by about 50% for this year alone.

This increase will increase the available quantity as the device begins to be available in the market to be 9 million units, instead of 6 million was the initial production plan.

Despite this increase, Bloomberg expects an additional increase of about one million units, bringing the total production allocated for this year to 10 million devices.

The sources attribute the increase from Sony to the fact that the demand for entertainment and gaming devices increased with the era of Corona and home reservations.

If Sony launched 10 million PlayStation 5, this would represent a more than double jump compared to the PlayStation 4 that it launched in 2013 and sold 4.2 million units during the launch period between November and the end of the year.

It is clear that the growth in demand for entertainment and gaming devices is not limited to PlayStation, and even that Facebook has asked to increase production of virtual reality helmets Oculus by 50% to reach 2 million units during the second half of this year.
Facebook has suffered from twice the available quantities of its devices, as some helmets such as Quest were selling all the quantities as soon as they were available in stores.
Nintendo also had difficulties meeting the growing demand for Switches, and even home sports such as Ring Fit Adventure.

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