As expected, the South Korean company Samsung announced its new and foldable Galaxy Z Flip 5G smartphone, and it is considered an improved version of its original Galaxy Z Flip phone, which passes a long time since Samsung announced its availability in the global markets.

As everyone confirms, foldable phones are the future of phones in general, which is what Samsung seems to have understood very well, so since last year it provided a number of phones with this technology, and for the Galaxy Z Flip 5G it will not be different in form On the oldest version, the Galaxy Z Flip is at a design level, as the design will come out identically, but of course there will be a number of minor improvements over the previous version.

In addition to that the previous version supports the technology of the fifth generation 5G, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G will also come with a processor from the model Snapdragon 865 + in addition to an increase in the colors of the phone between gray and silver without forgetting the feature Flex Mode, which Samsung says has undergone improvements.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5G phone will be available in the markets starting August 7 for $ 1449.99 for the proposed price in the US market.

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