MuDrunner Mobile Game, one of the best Popular Simulation games on Pc, Xbox, and Nintendo will be available for android and IOS [iPhones].

Mudrunner mobile game android

The trademark of Saber Interactive Inc MudRunner has announced Recently that a new version of the MudRunner Game will be available for smartphones.

And according to some sources, the MudRunner game for phones will be available soon on Google Play.

MuDrunner Mobile Game Trailer.

MuDrunner Mobile Game, Specs, and Features. 

  • Mudrunner is a popular simulation game, it's available on Pc And Nintendo, and it's will be available also on Mobile [Android].
  • MudRunner app has a specially built interface for smartphones. 
  • 15 open-world maps on the games and 16 new vehicles.
  • Mud Runner game has great vehicles like the ancient Russian trucks, C-256, A-3151, C-65111, -K700, E-7310, and more.
  • You should Drive overcome muddy terrain, and raging rivers to reach your objectives.
  • there are different maps that you can play on it like; the bog, Island, Seashore, Downhill, deluge, Crossing ...etc.
  • MudRunner game will come with high quality and advanced physics engine, better soft-body tire simulation, and enhanced water physics and more features you will know it when the game will arrive.

When the MuDrunner Mobile Game will release?

MudRunner game for android will be available for android and IOS [iPhone], and the release date of the game is 15th July 2020.

MuDrunner Mobile Game download for android and iPhone.

This new version of the MudRunner game will release on mobile devices on July 15th. You can now pre-order MudRunner On google play store or App store. [On App store it has a price and it's 6.99$,but on appstore they don't announced yet].

MudRunner Official Site.

Download MudRunner For Android.

Download MudRunner Game For IOS.


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