Many believe that their personal data is protected and their true identity cannot be accessed when they are connected to the Internet, but the Internet has ways in which you can access your private data because when you connect to the Internet you are sharing your computer information in addition to your geographical location and the websites you visit and for this we will tell you how to browse The web anonymously to circumvent technologies that track your activity on the web and your personal information may be compromised, but by browsing anonymously no one will know who you are, where you are from, and what sites you visit.

Methode 1: DuckDuckGo search engine

Unlike Google or Bing, DuckDuckGo does not save searches (History)
for Safe browsing Head straight to DuckDuckGo
Or you can set DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in your browser, through the browser’s settings, then search engines, and choose DuckDuckGo.

Methode 2: using VPN

The VPN helps you to use the Internet privately 

You can use NordVPN Through this link to browse anonymously on the web

Methode 3: Use private browsing

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