How to enable dark mode in google docs app

A new feature is now available for the google docs app and website, which is the dark mode. 

This option is available also for the other Google programs [Documents, sheets, Slides apps, etc... ]. 

So if you are one of the dark mode lovers, you can benefit from the new Google update. 


One of the most important things that needed, is your android update. 

To enable the dark mode on android you must have the android 10 update or above. 

On android 10 you can activate the black mode and make it on your system default. 

Make sure that your Google document s application is updated with the last version. [Check it on the google play store and the app store]. 

Tips to enable and disable the dark them on google docs. 

  • Once you know you're on the latest versions of these apps, open whichever one you want to switch to the dark mode theme.

  • Click On the menu on the left side of your screen. 

  • Scroll down and select the app settings. 

  • You will find the theme options on the top, and you can easily disable the dark mode or enable it from there. 

  • Select light if you want to disable the dark mode, or select dark mode if you want to activate it. 


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