One of the services that helps content makers and learners, as well as the digital world merchants, is a service that is rich in definition, for the initiative to come from Google and offer a similar service for the purpose of competition ... And in this post we will learn about google Ken service similar to the famous Pinterest service.

Google Keen service

In the past, Google has launched many social networks that were not very successful, among them Google Plus, which was launched in 2011 and aspired to be a strong competitor to the Facebook social platform, but the matter did not go as planned, and this is due to many The reasons among them are that the company did not focus on developing the platform in terms of the aesthetic aspect in relation to the user interface as is the case with the current Facebook applications ... but nevertheless Google did not announce its surrender, but this time it came to compete with the famous Pinterest platform where in the past weeks it announced Google has announced its broadcast of a competing, similarly toxic platform to the Google keen platform.

Google keen as a summarized idea is a service that will enable the user to follow all the activities that he loves. Whatever you will need as a user or as a beneficiary of the Google Keen service is to register an account and then you specify the activities that you are interested in and thus you will get everything new then bit or put it It is important for your activity that you are interested in, so you will have an update on all new.

Also this will benefit you as a user of the web world in the field of marketing where you can include a list of product marks that are interested in their new, and the same case with the researcher or the student, meaning that the platform will be of great benefit to you in order to obtain the exclusive. To remain one of the questions related to the platform, is the GOOGLE KEEN service free or need a subscription?

The service is free and available for use for everyone who has a Google Account, meaning you will only need to log in with your own Google account, and you can access the Google Keen service through the following link, via the web browser, and you can download the application of the platform through the application store .

How does Google Kin service work? The way the platform works is that the user has to create a folder to be modified in order to get everything that you are interested in and also this is to make it easier for you to organize among the interests i.e. you can create many folders and each one falls within a specific interest ... and to understand more We will create a folder under the name Technology to get all that exclusive technology inside.

First thing, log in to the Google Keen platform through the following link,  and click on the "+"

In front of you a box will appear for you to enter the information only, enter a label that fills the type of interest you are interested in, in this case we will give the label technology. Click on the Next button.

You will follow a window that will give you some suggestions that have a link to the topic you are interested in. Just click on what you find important of the suggestions marked with a "+" symbol next to them to be added or you can enter the suggestions manually ... " As such are keywords or say keywords indicating your interests, "followed by clicking on the Next button

To show you the last window through which you will be given to the folder that you created as Technology Image and you can also give a description describing the content of the folder you created through the description box indicated by the red arrow in the image, and you will end by clicking on the Create button

The result is the following, the technology folder will be put in it all new to the world of technology that you are interested in and that was previously identified in the construction process

And the nice thing is that it will notify you with a notification on your Gmail that everything has been collected in the field that you are interested in.

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