How to find old posts on your facebook timeline?

We often remember an old post we had published or posted by someone on our wall, on a page, or in a Facebook group.

The problem that we face is that we cannot search old posts on Facebook timeline only through the home page by constantly going down to the bottom, because the post may be out of date and some accounts are for ordinary people or pages or groups publish many posts every day. This means that this method may be wasted on us for a long time, perhaps without interest.

Through this article, I will give you simple ways to search for an old post on Facebook timeline.

Methode 1:finding old posts on facebook timeline by Scrolling.

To view older posts on your Timeline, scroll down on your Timeline but this methode take some time (tiresome).
This way Considered boring for me and absolutely you :'(.

Methode 2:finding old posts on facebook timeline by Calendar

you can view your older posts on your timeline by using the calender this means choosing the year and the month of your post , foolow the gaid:

1- go to your profile page

2-scroll down (just a little)

3-you will be showen the calender in the left then choose the year and month

finding old posts on facebook timeline

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