If you are a frequent user of Messenger, it often contains a lot of important data and conversations. In order to maintain greater privacy, Facebook added a new protection feature to the Messenger app for iPhone in order to protect messages.

Note: This feature is already present on WhatsApp for Android and iPhone.
The new feature is the App Lock feature, which makes the application confirm your identity by using Face ID or Touch ID to allow you to access messages after a specified period of closing the application, or even every time you open the application, it follows the phone system, so if you choose the faceprint To unlock the phone, Messenger will ask to verify your identity via Face ID as well, as it is doubling the protection on your phone.
To activate this feature, update the application on your iPhone, then open it, then click on the profile picture, then click on “Privacy” or “Privacy”.

Then enter "App Lock" or the application will ask you to point the camera towards your face to identify the faceprint or put your registered finger on the Home button to read the fingerprint to activate the option "Require Touch ID"
Note: This feature does not prevent answering incoming messages or phone calls through the notifications window.

If you want to request an identity confirmation every time you open the app, choose After I Leave Messenger, or you can make it a minute, 15 minutes, or an hour after the app closes.
In the event that the application cannot recognize your face or your fingerprint, you will be asked to enter Passcode.

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