6 far cry new dawn Game

Far Cry 6 Game

far cry new dawn is the name of the new Farcry version for ubisoft, which until now it's impress us.
giancarlo esposito from the breaking bad & better call soul series will be the bad
guy on the game.

far cry new dawn it's a game that takes place 17 years after the story of far cry 5, in a world devastated by nuclear wars.
farcry6 is an open world game, and the gameplay it's the first perspective, like the previous version [Far cry 5, far cry 4 and 3.]

Far cry 6 Game Description.

welcome to yara a tropical paradise frozen in time as the dictator of yara anto castillo in his intent on restoring his nation back to its former glory by any means with his son diego following in his bloody footsteps the're ruthless oppression has ignited a revolution play as dany rojas a local yaran and become a guerrilla fighter to liberate the nation fight across anton's troops in the largest far cry playground to date across jungles beaches and esperanza the capital city of yarra 

far cry 6 trailer ubisoft [teaser].

Far cry 6 Game Release Date 

According to the Hong Kong's PlayStation Store, the game will be available for PS on 18 fevriver 2021, but there are others rumors says that the far cry 6 release date will be 15/02/2021.

Far cry 6 Game Operating requirements

 Far Cry 6 Price N-A60$ 60$

 Action [First Person] //     //
 Producing By Ubisoft //    // 
Release Date15 february 15/02 15/02/20

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