All what you want to know about faily brakes 2 game for android [ Infos, Feature, Game Play, and download link [Google Play store Apk]] Raccing Game For Mobile.

Faily Brakes 2 Apk Android Version:

Spunge Games Pty Ltd lunch a new Arcade game and its name is Faily Brakes 2, this game is available now for Mobile.

The story of the game is to drive on the road without touching the cars, walls, trees ...etc, and trying to reach the goal to unlock more vehicles and new roads.

Description: Phil Faily can’t catch a break. This time his car’s accelerator pedal is stuck to the floor and he’s speeding out of control with his vehicle getting faster and faster as he’s trying to maneuver his way through oncoming traffic, hills, tunnels, traffic intersections as well as the police riding on his tail for speeding! With plenty of hills, thrills and Faily spills, this is the next level Faily Brakes experience the mobile gaming world has been waiting for!

Faily Brakes 2 Game Trailer:

Faily Brakes 2 Features:

  • Vast reimagined Faily World, where Phil and Anita can choose to get different turns, tunnels, caves, fields, and more.
  • Choose your personal Faily adventure!
  • Cars are now able to take some damage without crashing completely. See the doors swing open and the bonnet of the car fly off!
  • A huge range of car customizations - Upgrade your car's performance, paint, wheels, antenna, and even your license plate.
  • Bigger ragdoll crashes - Crashing in the game is still just as much fun as playing!
  • Police Car Chases - Evade the cops riding your tail for speeding!
  • Run with your ghost! Challenge your best run or a direct challenge from a friend!


Faily Brakes 2 Download For android Apk :

You can download Faily Brakes 2 apk easily from Google Play, and you can download it as an Apk from apkmirror

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