What is The Facebook Messenger Room?

With the launch of the Messenger Room Service, and as usual when launching any service and with our technical ignorance, we see many posts around it that talk about its seriousness, etc. Unfortunately ....:
In this post we will try to explain some things about it and how to use the new free video chat application from Facebook

Facebook’s new free video chat app is restoring the new group video chat feature in Facebook Messenger rooms to compete with services like “Zoom”, “Skype” and “Microsoft Team”, as more people switch to video chat amid closures and quarantine of coronavirus , And Facebook users will soon be able to create a video chat room via Facebook or Messenger and invite up to 50 people to join a video call - even if they don't have a Facebook account, as there will be no time limits for calls.

Where the new free video chat application from Facebook appeared as an alternative to Zoom, where some people search for an alternative to "Zoom", which has faced a number of problems regarding security and privacy in the past months, if you are still using Zoom, you can take steps to lock your meetings and prevent " Zoom Bombin ”, and learn other tips and hidden tricks, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a previous live broadcast: The messenger rooms that will be offered globally, in which the company tried to be“ very careful ”and tried to“ learn lessons ”from problems with video conferencing tools Others in recent months.

700 million accounts participate in voice and video calls every day on Facebook
The company said in a press release, that more than 700 million accounts participate in voice and video calls every day on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, owned by Facebook as well, and the number of calls has more than doubled in many areas since the start of the coronary virus outbreak, including privacy protection Messenger rooms The ability to control who sees your room, can be locked or opened, and if it opens, anyone with the link can join the room and share it with others, but the person who created the room must be present to start the call, can control who can join , And it can remove participants at any time as well, people can report a room for violating Facebook rules - although these reports will not include any video or audio from the call, the company said Facebook does not listen to your calls at all.

How to create Facebook Messenger room:

  • Open the Messenger app.
  • Click the People tab in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click Create room, and select the people you want to join.
  • To share a room with people who do not have a Facebook account, you can share the link with them, you can also share the room in your latest news, groups and events, and you can also join a room from your phone or computer - no need to download anything, according to Facebook, and plans Blue Space to add ways to create rooms from Live Instagram, WhatsApp, and Portal. Also, features will include 14 camera filters and changeable backgrounds.

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