Facebook launch the new facebook shops Program - How to create a new account?

facebook shops Program

Facebook recently announced that it will launch a new Facebook Store called [Facebook Shops].

Facebook and According to its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, This idea built to help small businesses. And this new feature allows any small business to create a free store which it helps selling products directly through Facebook and all company's applications. 

Mark Zuckerberg added that he believes this is especially important now because many small businesses are moving online to deal with the economic fallout from Covid-19, where people should stay at home for safety.

Zuckerberg emphasized that Facebook shops are free and easy to create. When you set up your store, it will appear on your Facebook and Instagram account, and soon on Messenger and WhatsApp as well. Mark Zuckerberg said:

 “The stores are original and fast, which means that there is no more turning the application into a slow web browser on mobile, as you must re-enter your credit card when clicking on an interesting product you see in the store. We also work with partners like Shopify".

How to Create a Facebook Shops Account? 2020

1- Confirm your identity to the commercial transaction manager

After completing the setup in the commercial transaction manager, you need to complete the security verification. In this process, you may be asked to send a scan or a copy of some information.

 So that payment processors can confirm your personal or business identity.

2- Verify the business’s identity.

  • A copy of the IRS letter stating the employer's identity number (EIN).

  • Tax identification number (TIN) [including all nine digits].

  • Confirmation that the letter was declared by the IRS. (The copy does not need to be in the last 12 months).

  • Your tax returns for the previous year, prepared and signed by a third party, with the year clearly appearing.

  • Another government-issued document that shows your full legal business name and tax identification number (TIN) or full 9-digit EIN.

Note: The name of the business registered in the IRS document must match the name of the business registered with your account.

3- Proof of business presence.

A government license or business permit for commercial activity that shows the full legal business name.

Good reputation certificate (with active status) or other registration document deposited with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (certificate of organization, certificate of incorporation, partnership agreement, or similar business activity registration document).

Note: A screenshot of the Secretary of State's website describing the business’s status as active (including the State Department’s logo and URL) can be accepted. IRS SS-4 is not accepted.

Proof of personal identity.

  • Driving license, passport, or other government issued ID.

  • Proof of personal address.

  • Driving license or other government-issued ID that includes the current address.

  • Proof of the social security number.

  • A photocopy or a copy of your social security number card.

Note: No manually written documents can be used to verify your identity.

How to submit your documents To create Facebook Shops?

You can submit your documents in the Transaction Manager in the Home tab, settings or payouts. When a message appears, please complete this security check on the screen, follow the on-screen instructions.

Finally and shortly, Facebook's AI-powered and augmented reality stores will be used to create better shopping experiences. Facebook will automatically select the products and tag it in the feed so people can easily click on it to buy when they find the things they love. 

Small businesses will also be able to personalize the front of their warehouse to showcase the products that are most relevant to you and use augmented reality to allow you to almost try things like sunglasses, lipsticks, or make-up to know what they might look like before you buy, or how your furniture might look in your room.

Note that these features are currently only available in the United States of America

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