Spread out last weekend, news indicated that Amazon sent its employees an e-mail inviting them to delete the famous Chinese video application, Tik Tok, which sparked a lot of controversy, especially with the hegemony that the application is exposed to, but the company quickly She changed her speech in this regard.

And it all began last Friday, when a number of employees at the Amazon company were surprised that they received receipts from the company’s management, indicating to them the necessity of deleting the Chinese video application, Tik Tok, which is a matter of really wide responses, and many questioned whether Amazon’s decision came in harmony With a number of decisions and threats facing Tik Tok in the recent period, whether in a country like India or also within the United States of America,

But the interesting thing is that this only lasted a few hours, as the specialized media indicated that Amazon retracted that on the same day, which was reported by a number of these means, including Reuters news agency, which indicated, quoting a company spokesman. Amazon indicates that the e-mail that a number of company employees received was sent by mistake.

And Amazon spokesman noted that there is no change in the Amazon policy towards the implementation of Tik Tok.

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