how to fix youtube not working on android problem ?

how to fix youtube not working on android problem ?
YouTube is the largest online video platform in the world, with over 1.6 billion users active monthly, nearly 400 hours of Video downloaded every minute, and over a billion hours of videos being watched every day.

and about the Youtube application, this great app has more than 4 stars on google play By a vote of 73,552,170 users.

OK, So what can I do if youtube not working on android?

In most cases, YouTube makes some adjustments and update to the YouTube application, which causes a temporary pause in some cases, but if there is no update and you still suffering with from the problem, you should this blog, because you will find the solution to that, and we will review together 6 solutions You can do it if YouTube stops working on Android.

1. Restart the phone.

Many problems related to smartphones are fixed by restarting, as this process closes the applications running in the background, which may cause the problems you face.

It is an easy and fast solution that only takes a minute or so, and if you find that YouTube does not work, you need to press and hold the play button on your device, and click on the restart option that appears on the screen, and after turning on your smartphone, open the YouTube application and check Whether the problem has been resolved.

2 . Check your internet connection.

if videos are not playing on YouTube may be due to connection problems, the first thing you should do is check whether you are online or not.

3 . Update the operating system.

You may have a small chance to fix YouTube through a system update, where you have to open the settings menu on your device, choose system updates, then download the update if available.

4 . Clear application cache and data.

The next fix solution is to clear the cache and YouTube data, as you have to open the settings menu on your device, click on apps, and select YouTube then delete cache and data and restart the app.

(this option may delete your account from youtube, and you need to re-sign in).

Clear the cache first and check if YouTube is working now as it should, if not, go back to your data and also remove it to see if that solves the problem or not.

5 . Check the date and time settings.

Although this sounds strange, date and time settings may be the cause of YouTube-related issues, as Google servers may have trouble syncing with them if you don't set them up correctly.

try to fix the date and time and make it automatic.

6 . Update YouTube Application. 

you can try if you see that YouTube is not working is to update the application on your device and to check if there is an update available, open the Google Play Store app, select the My Apps and Games option from the list, and check if YouTube is in the list of updates.

7 . Download youtube From Google

if you still face the problem you have the last thing to do, try to Uninstall the youtube application and download it again from youtube (Away from Google Play).

These solutions may help you to get your youtube application again and fix your problem "youtube not working on android".

if you solve the problem, don't forget to leave a comment below.

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