Can I Play Ps4 Games On Ps5?

will ps4 play ps5 games

Gaming lovers were waiting Eagerly for The new Masterpiece of Sony, the Playstation 5, This console has announced recently in an online event in juin/2020.

Always Playstation consoles come with powerful specifications, and this what we find on the new Ps5.

The official ps5 specs.

  • 3.5GHz, 8x Zen Cores.
  • 10.28 TFLOPs/36 CUs/2.23GHz.
  • Custom RDNA2.
  • 16 GB/DDR 6-256 bit / 448 GB/s.
  • 825 GB/SSD (Custom).
  • Raw=5.5 Gb/s - Typical=8-9 GB/S (Compressed).
  • External Storage - HDD.
  • Blue-ray 4K (drive).
Ps5 official Specifications
CPU3.5GHz, 8x Zen Cores
GPU10.28 TFLOPs/36 CUs/2.23GHz
GPU ArchitectureCustom RDNA2
Memory16 GB/DDR 6-256 bit
Memory Bandwidth448 GB/s
Internal Storage825 GB/SSD (Custom)
IO/ThroughputRaw=5.5 Gb/s
Typical=8-9 GB/S (Compressed)
External StorageHDD
Drive (Optical)Blue ray 4K (drive)

Will ps5 play ps4 games?

Sony announced recently an Update to clarify this question "Will ps5 play ps4 games?". and she said that the new ps 5 will support the majority games of play station 4 which include more than 4,000

Will ps4 play ps5 games?

almost certainly no, the PlayStation 4 can't play the ps5 games,
but I think that most games will be released on both of them (ps4 pro and ps5) after a few years.

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