why can't i share a post to my instagram story

why can't i share a post to my instagram story
Instagram includes many interesting features, among them the ability to share Instagram posts from the feed to your story directly via the button below each image.

this is a great feature, however, some Instagram users when clicking on the share on a post they don't have this option “Add Post to your Story”.

Why i can't share posts to my instagram story?

There are 3 reasons for this problem, let's check it:

account type:

Add the post to your story option is available for "Public accounts" only. If you are trying to post a post from a “Private Account”, you will not see the Post and Post button below the post.Try sharing from another public account, or change your account type.

Share Permission:

If that account is public, another thing that could be the reason for disappearing the add sharing to the story option, which is the sharing permission.

The person who shares the post may have disabled the option that allows others to share his posts to Story. so check out the popular public accounts and then check whether the post button is present or not, and if it exists, click on it Make sure you have the option "Add Post to your Story".

how to turn off the share button on Instagram

if you want to disable reshare Instagram story options for your post, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Click on the third choice on the right side of your screen and click on "Settings."
  3. Click on "privacy" and then choose "Story".
  4. disable the option "allow resharing to stories"

I still can't share a post to my Instagram story what should I do?

  • disable and re-enable the allow resharing to stories option:
  • Repeat the above steps before, then disable the option, and restart your phone, after that, return to the option and enable it again.
  • clear cache (only for android): 
  • Another way may help you, and it's to clear the app's "Cache"
  • don't be afraid, your account will remain safe and nothing will be removed from it.
  • uninstall the instagram app and re-install
  • You should also uninstall the application from your phone and then re-download and install it after turning off the phone.

This method can also help you with that.

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