How to report copyright infringement on social media?

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Copyright is one of the essential things that social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube gives it great attention.
Many users suffer from the theft of their videos, pictures, and music, especially if they aren't famous, and they don't know how to claim or report copyright infringement.
So today, I'm going to show how you can claim copyright infringement on social media [Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram].

What's does it mean copyright?

In most countries, copyright is a legal right that defends original works (rights) of authorship. Typically, if you create an original work, you have a copyright from the moment you create it.

Social Media reporting Service

Report copyright infringement Facebook.

If you have a Facebook business Page and you need to report content that you believe infringes your copyright. you can do it from the Facebook help center page, and to do it, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Facebook help contact by following this link.
  2. You will face a Facebook form that we use it to report stolen content on Facebook, Then you should describe your issue by choosing one of the available choices. 
  3. Choose the right option between it:
    - I (or someone I am legally responsible for) appear in content that I don't want to be presented.
    - My name (or the name of my organization) is being used without my permission
    - I found content which I believe infringes my trademark
    - I found content which I believe infringes my copyright.
  4. After that, you need to fill the form with your information and all they need. [Name, Page Role, Mail Adress, Phone Number].
  5. When you enter this information, Add the type of content you reporting,[Photos, Video, ad ...etc].
  6. If you have an attachment(s) that prove your ownership add it to the right place to help facebook support Judged quickly.
  7. If you Fill the full information click on Submit. (Make sure to write the correct information).
  8. You will hear back in less than 24 hours on your Facebook account & your Email account.

Report copyright infringement Youtube (Youtube Partner Program).

Many Youtubers report a copyright takedown from the channel that stolen his videos, but this method isn't effective, and to do it with the right way, you need to follow these steps:

  1. First, You need to visit this page, which is the official copyright claim page for youtube.
  2. A copyright complaint form appears to you with different choices. 
  3. In your case, you should select one of these options: 3-  (Someone is attacking me) 4- (Someone is using my image) 5- (Someone is using my trademark) 6- (Someone copied my creation).
  4. Select who infected, (You, or one of your company).
  5. After and on this new page, you need to Focus on the information that you enter, because if you made a mistake you will lose the support trust. 
  6. When you complete, write your digital signature and click on Submit Complaint.
  7. You will hear back in less than 24 hours on your Facebook account & your Email account.

Report copyright infringement Twitter. [Twitter Vine Periscope].

To report a content that you believe infringes or violates your copyright such as a copyrighted image as a profile or header photo, you can do it easily by following these actions:

  1. Go to this link (twitter copyright complaint).
  2. Choose one of the available options: 1- I am the copyright owner. 2- authorized representative of the copyright owner. 3- None of the above.
  3. Fill all of your twitter informations and click on Submit.

Report copyright infringement Blogger.

If you have found a website that is illegally publishing content of your website (Blogger) you can submit a takedown copyright violation by filling the google form:

  1. first, go to this page (Blogger articles copyrights).
  2. Click On "create a request".
  3. Select the blogger/Blogspot product. 
  4. select one of the options available [Copyright infringement: my copyrighted work is being used illegally without authorization]
  5. fill all the needed information.
  6. And finally, click create request and your request will reported.

Report copyright infringement Instagram [Takedown Notice ].

how to claim copyright infringement

My Instagram posts were stolen, what should I do?
you need just to fill a form to request a copyright violation.

  1. Go to this LINK
  2. Enter your information (username, tweet, provide the URL,).
  3. Click Send.(make sure you have all property rights)
  4. You will hear back in less than 24 hours on your Facebook account & your Email account.
Thank you for your time, please if you have any question, leave a comment below.
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  1. if you want to report a copyright infingement on instagram, facebook, or youtube you need first to search for the official copyright pages.


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