How to search for people by last name?

How to search for people by last name?

Facebook is one of the famous social media site in the world, and that make it a very helpful tool to search for people around the world, or maybe you want to search for Your old friends or your neighbors, and your family members.

So, How to search on Facebook with a name?.

  • The search box of Facebook Considered as a treasure if you knew how to use it. You can filter the search result to get a matched result.
  • When you searching for a person, make sure to choose "People" To confine the result without seeing any page or events with the same name.
  • Also, you can use the filter option on the right to Determined more suggested results. For example, if you search for a friend, you can add the school or the neighborhood in which he lives to find it quickly and surely.

How to search on Facebook with a phone number?.

if you get a call from a stranger number, you can use Facebook to get more information about the Number. (if you are lucky), in which you can put the Number on the Facebook search box to get some results about this Number if they exist before on Facebook and if He makes it visible for everyone.

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