How To Solve Facebook News Feed Not Loading Problem?

How to Fix Facebook News Feed Not Loading?
Facebook has been one of the essential platforms that You should browse it every day and every hour, but many users faced some problems when they use it.
How to Fix Facebook News Feed Not Loading?. this is one of the Known issues. And mostly you faced it before.

So, what are the causes of this problem, and how to fix it?  

Facebook Update:

if you have an android or iPhone mobile, you may not have updated your Facebook application.
so you need to update the app from google play store or app store.

if you have updated the Facebook application, there is another solution you need to do.
you need to report the problem to Facebook support by following these steps.

 your problem will be fixed within 2 days At most. 

steps to Fix Facebook News Feed Not Loading issue.

How to Report Facebook News Feed Not Loading issue on PC?

  • In Top right click on the question mark and scroll down and select Report an Issue.
  • 3 choice appear to you, in this case you should choose "Something Isn't Working".
  • when you click on it, another box appears to you, click on "where is the problem" and choose News Feed.
  • after that, you need to describe your problem and upload screenshots if you want (optional).
  • now after completing the report, you get a response after 24h on your Email and your Facebook notifications.

How to Report Facebook News Feed Not Loading issue on Android or iPhone?

  • On Android Devices you should click on the three lines top right of your screen.
  • scroll down and choose "Help Center" then click on "Report a Problem".
  • now click "report problem".
  • a new interface appears to you and you need to choose your problem "News Feed".
  • after that add some picture (screenshot) of the problem if you need, and click on "send".
  • after a few hours, you will get a response from the Facebook support team and your problem will be fixed. 

Ok, you tried these two methods and the problem still Bother you?

1- Restart your phone

in many cases, restarting your phone or your other products may be an excellent way to solve any problem.
so, try to restart it and check the problem if it still exists.

2- Uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app.

before you uninstall the app, try to sign in from the browser, like google chrome or Mozilla firefox.

Facebook Help Support

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