How to find brands for collaboration on social media?

finding brands for collaboration

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest is among the best platforms that you can find anything you search for it? Moreover, you can promote products and get interested people that want to purchase your products.

On the other hand, Social media sites help influencers who want to collaborate with companies to find them easily just with a quick search, And this is what we will learn about in this post.

How to find companies to work with on Instagram?

How to search for brands on Instagram For collaboration.

There are a thousand ways on the internet that explain how you can create a professional store on Instagram, And according to reports and statistics, online marketing will be the "future", many companies used E-marketing for selling their products online Instead of traditional methods.

if you have a product or you are an artist and didn't find clients, you need to try it.
So, as an influencer, how can I search for brands on Instagram?

  • Open your Instagram app and sign in with your email (or phone) and password.
  • After that, click on the search box below.
  • type in the search box words that are similar to your account domain, for example: Beauty, Camera, Clothes .... etc. or you can search for: brands, shopping, store, stores ...etc.
  • after that make sure to select "Hashtag" above.
  • choose your needed hashtag and you will see many posts appear to you.
  • Search for products that Fit your Instagram field, and click on it.
  • On the top of the post, you will find the page that share it, click on it, and message them from his profile.
  • Make sure your message is short and professional and without grammar mistakes.

2- How to find companies to work with Facebook.

the biggest social media in the world, Facebook is also a great place to find companies are looking for influencers, All you need is to know how to search on it, and to find brands on Fb you need to find the new sponsored posts, therefore I search the best free tools that help you to find sponsored posts that are currently running.

 Free tools To Find Sponsored Posts on Facebook.

  • Turbo Ad Finder: and this tool display only ads in your Facebook newsfeed.
  • Ad Finder for News Feed: Ad Finder extension enables you to filter your Facebook News Feed to ONLY show Boosted posts.
  • Ad Hunter: this extension show only sponsored posts on the Facebook timeline.

how to find companies to work with on Youtube?

It's much easy to find brands to work with on Youtube then the other sites. and to find a company on it, you need before to find a Product, and to find a product you need to find a video that reviewing this product.
Follow these steps to understand:

  • Go to youtube.com or open the youtube application on your phone.
  • let's say your domain is about T-shirts, so type on the search box "review product T-shirt".
  • now, click on "filter" a choose the last month. 
  • Many review videos appear to you, and you need to choose one of them.
  • after that scroll down to the descriptions and you will find a link that takes you to the official brand website.
  • now you are on the brand that needs influencers to work with, and you want to contact them. 
  • to do that you need to search for "Contact Us Page", and usually
  • you find it on the Footer of the site (At the bottom). 
  • when you find it, click on it and write an attractive message Telling him about you and your audience.

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