how to change facebook page name? Tricks.

how to change facebook page name
Often some Facebook users need to change the names of their business Facebook pages for many reasons, but they don't know the exact steps to do.
So, below I will show you some steps through which you can change the page name on Facebook easily and conveniently.
I’ll also show you the final solution to Facebook page name Even if you get a Rejected message like this:

 " We weren't able to approve your request to change your Page name. " 

how can I change the Facebook page name ?

why can't i edit my facebook business page?

Initially, you must be an Admin of the page that you need to change the name in order to request a change for this page.
if you are, All you have to do is just follow these steps.

how do i edit my facebook business page name on the classic Facebook Theme:

  •  Go to your page and click on about icon in the top left.
  • Click the Edit button next to the page name.
  • You need to enter the new name of the page that you want to rename it, then click OK.
  • scrolls down and selects "Save" to complete the steps.
  •  It should be noted that changing the page name will not affect its username.
  • The user will notice a notification informing him whether Facebook agreed to change the page name or not at the end.

how do i edit my facebook business page name on the New Facebook Theme:

  • Go to your Page and click Page Settings in the bottom left.
  • Click Edit Page Info in the left column.
  • Enter a new Page name and click Save Changes.
  • Review your request and click Request Change.

this is the normal way that you can use to change a Facebook page, but sometimes Facebook support rejects your request. actually, it is not the real Facebook support, but the system algorithm.

there are some tricks that I use to change any page name without Faced any problems. 
There are only two ways to do it, and In a large percent, one of them will work with you, if both of them don't work, you will not be able to change the name and you must change the page completely.

how do i change my facebook business page Name?

1.changing Facebook page name trick

This method work on many pages, it depends on exploiting Facebook's robots, which approve or reject your change application.
To understand Well I will explant to you slowly,
first, we should know why Facebook doesn't accept page to change their name.

why can't i change my facebook page name

many people are Growing up a Facebook page In a specific field, and when they get huge followers they change the page field(Name).
This action gives the followers a negative reaction, and it's possible that he doesn't wish to follow the new page field and finds himself on a page he has not followed before, this is Violation of the Facebook policy.

So Facebook doesn't allow you to change Facebook's name definitely.
for example: 
Old Page Name: Football Video
New Page Name: Memes & Trolls
in this case, your request is rejected by 100 %.

But the trick is here, let's say your page name is: "football video" and you want to change it to "football streaming".

You don't have to completely change the name on the first application, but you need to change it two times or three, first, you apply a change from "football video" to "football", then you request a second change from "football" to "football streaming".

with this method, you have a chance to be approved, But it is not certain.

2.how to contact Facebook support to change a page name?

If you tried the previous methods and you could not change the name, there is one solution remains for you, which is to contact Facebook support directly, This method is successful in most cases, the only condition in which, as we talked previously, is that you will not change the page field in general.

okay, now how can I contact Facebook page support to change my page name?
first, you need to visit this link:

it will appear to you the facebook page help, select your page and write a message that describe you problme.
after a few hours (between 1h-24h) you will receive a message on your Facebook account, and Significantly, your page name change request will be accepted.

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