How can I restore my Google account (Gmail). 2020

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  1. Conditions needed to recover a Gmail account.
  2. Restore the Gmail account if you forget the password.
  3. Restore the Gmail account if you were hacked.
  4. Recover Gmail In case you Forget the username.

Conditions needed to recover a Gmail account.

1- First, you need to verify if you have a recovery email.

2- Make sure that you've already added a phone number for your Gmail.

3- make sure that you remember the last password used on your account.

4- It is recommended if you created the Gmail account with the correct information like Full name, Date of Birth ....etc.

because this information helps you to recover it.

Steps to Restore a Gmail account, if you forgot the password.

You can change or restore your Gmail account easily bt following these steps:

  • visit Gmail.com and add your Gmail address, and if you use a phone, open the Gmail application and add you Infos. 
  • Click on Forgot password bellow.
  • Type your Gmail address and click Next.
  • Google account support gives you some questions to verify if you are the owner of this Gmail or not, So you should respond correctly.
  • If you didn't know the answers, click on Try a different question.

Steps to recover Gmail In case you Forgot the email or username.

if you forgot your Gmail user name you need to follow these steps:

  • to Recover your Google account you should first visit this recovery link: https://accounts.google.com/signin/recovery
  • Click on "I don't know my Gmail username (Forgot Gmail?)".
  • Follow the instructions mentioned.
  • You should have the phone number or the recovery email that you enter when you created the account. 

steps to recover a hacked Google account.

You can recover a hacked Google account by following these steps.

  • First, you need to visit this link here.
  • Add your Gmail address or the phone number and click next.
  • Idd your last used password for this Gmail, then click on next.
  • Enter the phone number or email address that you would like to send a reset code to.
  • If the hacker changes the recovering information (password, recovering email), You will face difficulties, and you need to Prove Your property by entering the correct information.
  • After that, you would add a new Gmail account and confirm it to contact google account support.

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