Google launched a new site similar to Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the Popular and Helpful social media in the world, this site comes with countless great benefits, Seemingly it seems Pinterest face a new serious challenge.

Google announced a new service similar to Pinterest and she called Keen.
The keen platform provides you to follow the content that interests you from the Internet.
So you can use to define the content that they want to spend your time about and you will see it automatically.

what is google stay keen site?

Keen is a new way to collaborate and expand your interests with others.

how staykeen work?

google Staykeen built to give users control over their recommendations. and help them staying contemporary and up to date.

How StayKeen works?

Staykeen site uses the Google Search index and merged with user's feedback to give personalized recommendations gems that help you to expand your interests.

Does StayKeen have an application?

you can browse google staykeen from Pc or android and if you want to download it just click here.

 Stay Keen website.  
 Staykeen App for android. 
 Staykeen app for IOS. (unavailable). 

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Keen Expand your interests Expand your interests Keen website Keen App on Google Play Pinterest rival

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