how to buy a used phone without getting fleeced

No doubt buying a used phone is an effective way to save some money compared to buying entirely new phones, especially used phones with high specifications.

But in fact, there are a lot of criteria that must be taken into consideration before thinking about buying used phones. We summarize them for you in the following points.

Don't buy a phone without a box -

As we know, the phone box is the only thing that proves that you are the owner of the phone, so if the phone that you will buy without its box, don't buy it.
Because there is a high possibility that the phone will be stolen and this may get you to prison.

Check the EMUI number -

When purchasing a used phone, even if it is in a box, make sure that the serial number of the phone is the same serial number written in the phone box

How to know your phone's EMUI
Simply write in your phone this code
* # 06 #
You will be shown the serial number or emui of the phone
Then compare it to the number in the box
If they are themselves, it means that the box is the original

phone state

First, you should check the edges of the phone because it is the place where it appears if the phone has received many shocks

Phone screen -

Make sure that the phone screen does not have any major scratches or fractures
You should also turn the screen on a white background and notice if black spots appear
Also, turn on the screen against a black background and note if there are red streaks or spots
If you find this, it means that the screen is on the way to being damaged

also, check the Back and Home buttons.
Also, don't forget to try the flash, front and back cameras, and note if it contains dust or cracks.

For Samsung phones, checking the phone is quite easy by writing this code
* # 0 * #
Which gives you the possibility to experiment
Sound, touch screen, microphone, vibration, flash, Wi-Fi, camera, and many more features.
So if you want to buy a Samsung phone you should try all these things.


Check the battery life and whether it is good or weak

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