Spine Ps 4 Emulator, A new simulator for playing ps4 games On PC

Many of us use console emulators to play old treasures that we had on childhood devices like PCSX2 for PlayStation 2 or ePSXe for PlayStation1.

 With a platform like PlayStation 4 at the moment, one of them seized the opportunity to work on developing an emulator for it which is Spine to try to play popular platform games on a PC.

 The development of this emulator started not long ago, and in the next clip, we could see it working to play games like Shovel Knight, Odin’s Sphere and many more.  If we look at his work as a processor under development, he is making good progress in rendering graphics, whether it is 2D or 3D, but with some problems of course.

best ps4 emulator for pc 
best ps4 emulator for pc 


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