Today, I will review with you an application that is a modified version of the official YouTube application ( Mod Verions ), which is editing by the group of developers of XDA site, the XDA devlopers is considered one of the best sites through which you can get the latest Mod of the popular apps as well as the latest ideas by professional developers.

Youtube Vanced application is considered one of the distinctive applications, It is also called the enhanced version of Red Youtube, and this is because it has additional features that make you can dispense with the official YouTube application.

How to install Youtube Vanced app?

Initially download and install the Youtube Vanced app. Then download the microG app to be able to register with a Google account in the app.

What are the advantages of Youtube Vanced application, the modified version of the official YouTube application?

  • Prevents ads from appearing.
    you can play youtube video in the background.
  • You can control the video replay automatically when it is playing in the background.
  • You can control whether or not notifications, watermarks, or alerts are written on the video.
  • You can control and limit the video quality based on Wi-Fi or phone data.
  • You can view the video in HD that exceeds the resolution on the official YouTube application.
  • You can deactivate or enable the background video play feature when exiting the application or if the screen is closed.
  • You can activate the VP9 Codec option which helps you to get high video quality and less data consumption.
  • This app has many additions and features that you can discover on your own.

 Download Youtube Vanced app for android from google play 

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