Tangi Quick Videos download alternative app to TikTok

Tangi Quick Videos app, a similar app to tiktok with useful content

A few days ago, a competing app was released for the Tik Tok application (musically) that carries the same idea of sharing small videos clips but with an artistic style, so if you search for an application that takes full advantage of it without feeling that you have wasted time, here we invite you to get acquainted with the Tangi application or to move to the Tangi platform.

Tangi app - educational short videos content

Tangi platform is basically an application to support the targeted content, as it came up with an idea that aims to select what users of portable technology benefit from, which means phones, digital tablets, and computers. As for his idea, it is very similar app to Tik Tok, but what makes it different is the content provided.

Whereas, the Tangi application provides educational video clips, which are clips that explain to users, for example, the way to do tasks easier and faster, such as household tasks including ideas and tricks, and also clips related to handicrafts such as jewelry for girls or creative ideas that help boys and youth in Expand their knowledge and gain scams that they benefit from in their daily lives.

As for the videos, their duration does not exceed 60 seconds, but they will actually benefit you, although the video will be brief, but at least you will take an idea that may help you one day, As for the videos, on the other hand, the platform is currently being modern and still hasn't received wide acceptance from Visitors provide art, cooking, fashion and creative ideas.

The platform has developed an application for phones and is currently available for download only on phones that support the IOS system, but you can access it through the official website to watch the videos if you do not have a phone with the IOS system, as for the method of use is very easy and does not need detailed side explanations, it will be It is similar to browsing on your Facebook account.

Just what you need is to create an account and this is something we are used to, then you can watch and learn, and also you can share your creative ideas and you will find that Tangi is the perfect platform to share it.

The beautiful feature is that if you like the content of the idea of a video clip, you can contact the owner of the video through the application itself to show you more about it and this also reflects on you, and why you cannot take advantage of the platform for your benefit, by promoting your ideas, just a little creativity and here you are If you promote your idea.

Download Tango App From Here.

similar app to tiktok

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