The New Samsung Galaxy S20 price

price of The New Samsung Galaxy S 20

the Samsung galaxy series fans are awaiting the upcoming release Eagerly, Which will undoubtedly be among the best phones for Samsung company.

Just as Samsung alluded before, the samsung Galaxy S20 is the same as the Galaxy S11, which would have been displayed under that name, but the company changed the name in the last moments to become "Samsung Galaxy S20".

Samsung Galaxy S20 price

the Samsung Galaxy S20 series prices is already announced by Max Weinbach of the XDA Developers site.
  •  the Samsung Galaxy S20 will be marketed in France at + 900 euros (1000$).
  •  the Galaxy S20 + at "more than 1000 euros" ( +1100$ )

  •  Galaxy S20 Ultra at "more than 1300 euros" ( +1400$ ).

Of course, the prices will be different depending on the features of the phone ( configurations, RAM, Storage ...etc).

Do you think the price is reasonable or is it expensive?

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