How To Display missing facebook marketplace icon

How to re-display the facebook Marketplace icon on your Facebook account if it has disappeared.

Problem of the disappearance of the Marketplace page From Your account on Facebook.

 Of course, as we know Marketplace is a tab on Facebook where you can find all of the things offered for sale, Through it, you can buy and sell  items & products for free.

So I will help you to access and display the marketplace icon on Facebook whether from the apps or computers.

The reasons for the missing of Marketplace icon

1. User Age

The Facebook company requires anyone wanting to use this store to be over the age of 18 year.

2. Your Country Must Be Supported

70 countries are allowed to use the Facebook marketplace store
You can view the countries and check if your country is not unsupported here.

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3. new account

If your account is new, you probably can't show the marketplace page, This is normal because Facebook wants to protect its users, so try to post many pictures and videos in your account to gain the trust of Facebook.

4. Your limited use of the Market Place 

The intelligence of the Facebook algorithms has become large and far beyond the limits, when you don't use the marketplace feature Facebook robots will know automatically that you don't like buying and selling, and thus will be replaced with what you like, for example, if you are under the game, you will see live icon.

So if it appears to you, try sometimes entering it, even for a few moments.

5. you Facebook app isn't updated

If the version of your Facebook application on your device is outdated, the Marketplace icon will not appear. So make sure if you are using the latest Facebook app. you can update it easily on the playstore site and the app store.

6. The language used

Market Place uses some languages, which are: 

English, Chinese, Arabic. French. Dutch. Czech. Danish. German. Hebrew. Hungarian. Malay. Hindi. Portuguese. Spanish. Swedish. Slovak. Turkish. Thai.

So if you do not use one of these languages you will not see this feature.

7. the bad use of the marketplace page.

In case you use the feature in awrong way, Facebook will automatically block the feature from your account.

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