how much money do youtubers make from their channels on 2020?

By using creative advertising methods with companies and brands, many YouTubers and influencers earn their income on social media, and today many major entrepreneurial projects started with Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat accounts and provided their owners with full jobs. There is a lot of opportunities on social media platforms, many of them are very profitable, and to get a better idea of the potential sources of income available to influencers, see the guide below, which contains the best 7 ways that YouTubers and influencers use to earn money.

how to make money on youtube 2020?

1- Funded Content and Sponsorships:

how much money do youtubers make

The content funded on social media is known to most audiences and brands, and it is still one of the best ways in which YouTubers and influencers earn money, where they collaborate with brands to promote a good or to write a product review or support for an advertising campaign or help companies and brands to increase their followers on social media.

2- Referral links:

Mostly this type of linking is not common, although it is simple and easy, as the Youtube provides links to its followers that provide them with the opportunity to purchase a distinctive product or download a useful application or visit a modern website to subscribe to its excellent services, and companies, brands, and marketers use these links to track places that Visit come from them and those who drive traffic. These influences are often rewarded either as direct gifts or later financial rewards.

One of the most famous referral link programs available on the web is the Amazon program called "Amazon's Affiliate Program",  which gives influencers a portion of the revenue resulting from sales that are created through product links The influencers shared it with the followers on social media.

how much money do youtubers make

3- earning money from adsense ( ads)

Many YouTube and influencers earn a significant portion of their revenue from YouTube advertising revenue, as services like Google’s adsense allow bloggers to get a share of advertising revenue from things like sidebar ads and banner ads. With enough traffic, bloggers can earn enough money with adsense. 

how much money do youtubers make

These ads have been almost the basis of online advertising since the beginning of online advertising. However, its effectiveness has begun to fade in recent years as ad-blocking programs have become more widespread and more sophisticated, and the decline in software advertising is a major catalyst in the shift of advertisers to influencer marketing.

4- Donation and gifts:

Some revenue sources are more direct and frank with followers, for example, some sites and platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Super Chat allow users to give tips to YouTube and influencers directly through the platform, as well as many blogs that provide tips for allowing users to donate funds dedicated to the continuation of the blog.

This is almost all the ways that make a youtuber earn money, If we forget some ways that YouTubers make money from, please put it on comments to add it to the list.

how much money do youtubers make

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how much money do youtubers make


how much money do youtubers make

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